Pupils will have a clear focus on mastering the skills that are needed to develop their learning at the next stage and decisions about transition to Key Stage 4 (early for some pupils will be made on a pupil by pupil basis). 

The Key Stage 3 curriculum provides a focus on how to support pupils with the next steps for independence, working closely with families to identify the priorities for each pupil. 

(section 2 of the KS3 part)

Our long term plan provides an overview of the themes that will be used to deliver learning.

  • Key Stage 3 Long Term Plan

Pupils within Key Stage 3 will have a broad learning profile. They will be in mixed class groups but will stream for identified areas of the curriculum including English and Maths. All pupils will have the same curriculum opportunities but their learning will be focused on curriculum exposure (pre subject specific learning) or curriculum knowledge (subject specific learning). 

Knowledge organisers are used to create ‘The Big Ideas’ for learning – concrete experiences that will support pupils to develop their skills for learning and subject specific knowledge. They also identify the language that will be used to support learning (at a group level). We use the routes of learning (learning sequence) to make sure that the skills for learning are embedded before moving on to the next steps.