Schools are stronger together 

Working with colleagues who are highly committed and skilled professionals within our partnership will help you to grow and develop. We will offer challenge and support so that we can all move forwards and ensure the best provision for our children and young people. We will help you prepare for the next steps in your journey as a school looking at strategic priorities together as well as ensuring suitable accountability for all involved is in place.

Our experienced team offer educational support alongside support with financial, estates and risk management as well as many HR processes.

We will use our combined purchasing influence to procure any services which are required and which are not available in-house, always working towards ensuring cost effective high quality of services.

As a young trust we believe this is an exciting time to join together and develop the Trust as it grows.


We will charge a percentage fee for being part of the Open Thinking Partnership. There is a sliding scale according to the needs of a school but for fully open successful schools this will usually be no more than 4%. If you are a well-established successful school which is reasonably financially viable you will continue to be in control of your funding. Within any school, headteachers will have freedom to spend in the way that ensures best provision for pupils. Open Thinking Partnership will offer support, guidance and tools which help financial planning, ongoing financial management and evaluation. These tools enable school to ensure the necessary expertise and staffing is in place to meet the needs of a diverse population of pupils as well as help development of practice and provision. 

What Next?

We aim to grow Open thinking Partnership by increasing the number of schools who have a like-minded philosophy, where children and young people are at the centre of how provision is designed and organised. 

We welcome discussion with headteachers, Chairs of Governors or Trustees about their schools. We are happy to discuss current and future priorities. Please feel welcome to contact us  on 01455 639 747

Or via email address:

Asking to speak to Kerry Smith who will make an appointment.