There is a different emphasis within the curriculum of the Vocational Sixth Form centre and Key Stage classes at the Barwell Lane secondary base. All pupils continue to access learning in logic/maths and Communication/English and will develop further expertise in their chosen vocational pathway.

The work at the sixth form closely links to our work experience programmes and internships as well as focussing on how to live independently. At the Barwell Lane site the focus is also to increase independence and create more choices open to our young people but in a way which acknowledges the additional support they will require to do this throughout their lives. Throughout both bases there are opportunities to practice life skills within the local community.

Pupils will be supported in transition to further education, employment or wrap around services. For some pupils supported internships with Cadent and other partner businesses will be available. The internships offer a focus on employability enabling young people to prepare for working life. Life skills courses are individualised to meet the needs of learners and ensure they can be as independent as possible in the next stages of their lives.

For further information please view the attached document.