Aspirations for the future are a clear focus for the work in Key Stage 5. Life Skills and The World of Work are about developing independence at appropriate levels to make sure that all pupils have experiences that will support their next steps. 

There are two strands of learning that are embedded within the Key Stage 5 offer – all pupils will have support to develop Life Skills and some pupils will also develop their skills for the world of work: 

  • Life Skills – ensuring that all pupils have increased levels of independence and have an understanding of advocacy to support with more choices being available to pupils that acknowledges and develops their understanding of the additional support they will require throughout their life 
  • Work Skills – the curriculum on offer at the Vocational 6th Form is developed around building mastery of the skills within the Life Skills curriculum to enable pupils to demonstrate this within the World of Work. The Vocational 6th Form is a self-sustaining 6th form where pupils use these skills to run their building and provide the services that are required to support this. When pupils are ready they are supported to access volunteering and work experience opportunities which are offered with increased independence (as appropriate to the individual).

Learning at Key Stage 5 is individualised to meet the needs of learners and ensure that they can be as independent as possible in the next stages of their life. Some Key Stage 5 pupils use the Barwell Lane site as their base for learning. 

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Our long term plan provides an overview of the themes that will be used to deliver learning.

  • Key Stage 5 Long Term Plan

Pupils within Key Stage 5 will have a broad learning profile. Some pupils will access accredited learning in Maths and English and for some pupils Science. For other pupils they will develop their learning of Maths and English skills through an embedded curriculum. 

Knowledge organisers are used to create ‘The Big Ideas’ for learning – concrete experiences that will support pupils to develop their skills for learning and subject specific knowledge. They also identify the language that will be used to support learning (at a group level). We use the routes of learning (learning sequence) to make sure that the skills for learning are embedded before moving on to the next steps. 

The Vocational 6th Form knowledge organsiers base all of their big ideas around the learning focus linked to Life or Work Skills.