Leadership team

As we are a new school our leadership team will grow as we grow. We have a Headteacher and a lead for pastoral support. We are also part of Open Thinking Partnership. The Executive headteacher within this trust is Janet Thompson.


Sarah Peck
Janet Thompson
Executive headteacher

Elyssa Castleford
Pastoral & Intervention Lead

A message from Sarah Peck, Headteacher

I am very excited to introduce myself as Headteacher of The Fusion Academy; a new school for young people with communication and interaction needs/autism.

I have worked with young people on the autism spectrum for many years and strongly believe that young people with autism and/or communication and interaction needs all deserve the opportunity to reach their potential and to lead happy and fulfilling lives. I am particularly passionate about identifying and supporting areas of talent in young people with autism and feel it is important that we recognise the strengths that the condition can bring, alongside the areas of difficulty.

The Fusion Academy merges the skills, expertise and understanding of a highly specialist provision with the breadth and opportunities available in a mainstream school. This union will allow our students to have the best possible chance at reaching their academic goals in an environment where they feel safe, understood and listened to, in addition to having their wider needs met.

Students’ individualised communication and interaction targets will be supported throughout the school day, overseen by a speech and language therapy team. Young people will also be taught strategies to help manage their emotions (such as anxiety and anger) and will develop their independence through Life Skills lessons.

Student wellbeing will be of paramount importance at The Fusion Academy. Our school environment will be accommodating for young people with autism and/or sensory needs and a multi-disciplinary team, including a range of therapy professionals, will work together to support all areas of student need.

Our staff will be highly trained and understanding to the needs of our young people. Small class sizes will allow students to get the focused attention they need. We are understanding of young people who are currently working behind where they should be, due to difficulties in other schools, and will actively support them to catch up. Everyone around each young person will work collaboratively to ensure they have every opportunity to meet their full potential.

If you are interested in finding out more about The Fusion Academy, please contact us.

Tunde Read, Assistant Headteacher

I have been teaching children with additional needs for almost my entire career in education. I have worked in specialist provisions for the last 12 years – other than to complete my PGCE in Newcastle. Working in SEN is a passion of mine and I strive to provide the best education for the pupils I work with. I have spent the last four years opening and then running the primary autism provision, Footsteps.

In my spare time I enjoy watching and playing football. Most weekends you can either find me in front of a television screen watching every game that is on or on the football pitch, where I am captain of my team. When I can, I also go to watch Leicester City at the King Power Stadium. If it’s not football, then it’s movies or cooking that take up most of my time.

Working and supporting young people with challenges in communication and interaction is something I enjoy, and I feel honoured and privileged to be the Assistant Headteacher of Fusion Academy.