The next stage after Dorothy Goodman School is likely to be a local college or alternative provision. For example:

  • Sense College
  • Homefield
  • Leicester College
  • Brooksby Melton College
  • Stephensons College
  • Fields & Farms
  • D&H Support
  • eNstruct

A small percentage of students will move on to find part or full time work or volunteering or access a community provision. We aim to support this by offering students work based learning preparing them for the transition to work as well as supporting them to develop their key transferable skills throughout the term and within several lessons. In their final year of KS5, your young person will also have regular meetings with an independent level 6 careers adviser. This will produce a careers action plan which will have details on of the conversations and the aims and aspirations of your young person.

Careers is embedded to all aspects of education at Dorothy Goodman School. By the time students are ready to leave we hope that they are able to:

  • Think about what they want to do when they leave school.
  • Be able to write a CV and edit it in the future
  • Complete an application form and attend an interview – even iron their outfit!
  • They know where to find information on colleges and jobs

We also hope that they have the subject and careers knowledge and have

  • Had some experience of the world of work
  • An understanding of the importance of good and punctual attendance
  • A knowledge of how each subject relates to different careers
  • A confidence to engage with external visitors

To help us to support your young person and to help them achieve their full potential we ask that you

  • Talk to your young person about their future choices
  • Help your young person to set and achieve their aspirations

Local Labour Market Information:

It is so important when it comes to looking for a career that we look at what the labour market (local jobs)
looks like. You can find out up to date information on the world of work in your local community on the
following websites: and or

You can also find information on apprenticeship vacancies on

You can find local jobs on