School meals

As part of aiming towards being a Healthy School, we encourage our students to make healthy choices at snack time and lunch time. We work sensitively with our young people to help them widen their choices.

School meals or packed lunches

Our school meals are cooked on site and can accommodate special dietary requirements and we are able and willing to present food in particular ways. There is always a meat or vegetarian option or a jacket potato with a selection of toppings. Meals are pre-paid via the Arbor app but the choice to have a meal can be made during registration in the morning.

We recognise that some of our pupils can find meal times difficult. Where this is the case we work in small steps to enable our young people to be able to eat with others. Separate groups access the dining area for different sittings so that the environment is kept quieter and calmer.

Some of our students bring packed lunches and they also eat with their friends in the same dining room.

Free school meals are available and you can register for these via the local authority website