Parent support

We believe it is very important to share information and ideas about a way forward when supporting our young people. Working together we will help our young succeed and flourish.

Elyssa is the Pastoral and Intervention Lead at The Fusion Academy. She really enjoys finding engaging and creative ways to support each person achieve their goals, this includes working closely with families.

Working together before starting at the school

We work very closely with families to plan an individualized transition when a young person is starting at the school. We develop a plan together and then are happy to adapt and change this as the time progresses in response to how our young person is feeling and managing the change.

Working together once your child starts at school

We will work with you to develop strategies and ways of working with your child which enable them to engage with learning and interact with others successfully. Some of our young people require a specialist plan for this which we call an Engagement and Interaction Plan. Creating these involves the young person and key members of their family as well as our staff and when required members of our multidisciplinary team. This helps us to provide consistent support across situations for the young person.

Family support groups

Our work includes support groups for families (currently virtual) topics include supporting our young people to self regulate when they are feeling angry or anxious for example. We also work on developing social communication; puberty including Relationships and Sex Education; e-safety and any other relevant topics which arise or which families wish us to address.


SENDIAS support children and young people with special education needs or disabilities (SEND) and their parents in Leicestershire (excluding Leicester city covered by SENDIASS Leicester).

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