The Fusion Academy has a well-rounded curriculum that aims for all our pupils to:

  • Reach their academic potential and achieve the qualifications needed for their next steps in life (for example, further education or employment)
  • Excel in their areas of strength and passion
  • Develop the social communication skills needed to develop positive relationships with others and to succeed with future goals
  • Recognise and regulate their own emotions
  • Have good mental health
  • Be as independent as possible and keep themselves safe.

Our curriculum is broken down into three key areas


Curriculum Choices

Personal Development


The National Curriculum, differentiated and personalised

A choice of personalised curriculum options to match individual strengths and future plans.

A package of learning to promote personal development, independence and wellbeing.

Our academic curriculum is matched to students’ ability levels. All students will follow their own curriculum path and will sit qualifications at the right time for them.

Our personal development curriculum is very individualised and includes: social communication skills, emotional regulation (zones of regulation, interoception), life skills (e.g. cooking, road safety, using money), keeping safe, learning about difference and wellbeing time. 

We will ensure a balanced view of any political ideologies within the relevant curriculum areas relative to the age of the pupils and their understanding. The curriculum covers many aspects of safeguarding throughout every year group for example, internet safety with a focus on Prevent awareness from Key Stage 3. We will ensure no visitors to the school encourage extremist views.

TFA Curriculum 2023 Onwards