Primary Richmond

We are very lucky to have the facility for some of our pupils to attend classes based within a mainstream school.


Tigers, Saturn and Neptune are all classes based within the mainstream site at Richmond Primary School.

The base provides an opportunity for pupils to access some mainstream lessons or to have social contact with other pupils at the school. This helps support the academic and social progress of our pupils.

We have our own facilities and are also able to access some shared facilities within the mainstream school. Pupils will also access shared activities such as assemblies at our DGS Primary site as well as accessing specialist facilities for example sports facilities, soft play and sensory room.

Tigers our EYFS/Key Stage 1 class at the base has access to two classroom areas with toileting facilities and small quiet work rooms as well as their own outside play areas. The class is accessible from its own gate found near the entrance to Saturn and Neptune classes.

Saturn and Neptune are Key Stage 2 classes with two classrooms, toileting facilities and quiet work side rooms as well as some shared rooms for individual work or sensory calming. They also have their own outside play areas.

Pupils who attend our bases follow the same curriculum as those who attend the main Dorothy Goodman site but work at the higher academic or social standards for our school.