Secondary Redmoor

For students aged between 11 and 14.

We have two classes who are based within Redmoor Academy. This provides our pupils with opportunities for social and academic inclusion planned as part of an individual pupil timetable.



Take a look at our Redmoor Base

Redmoor base pupils are dropped off at our primary site and walk to the base which is just across the playground.

Redmoor base pupils work across the two classes. They also have links with other Key Stage 3 classes at DGS following similar topics of learning and when there are special events.  Each year our Key Stage 3 pupils have the choice to enter the Shakespeare in Schools Festival which finishes with a performance at The Curve Theatre.

The base at Redmoor provides a balance of specialist provision alongside social or academic inclusion opportunities which are organised according to the strengths and talents of individuals.

Redmoor Base Google Slides