Parent support at Cleveland House

Once a young person has been given a place at Cleveland House we will start working with you and your child around the transition. We believe partnership working with a young person and their families is essential to help all our young people succeed to the best of their abilities.

Starting at Cleveland House

Once you have been offered a place at Cleveland House we will start the transition process.  Jo Keatley will contact you to arrange a meeting with you and your child.  At that meeting, and subsequent meetings, Jo will plan the transition with you, your child and any other agencies that may be involved. 

Before your child starts you will be given the contact details Jo Keatley, you will be able to contact them to ask any questions you may have.  When your child starts to attend you can contact Jo to pass on information, ask questions or address any concerns.  This will also ensure if your child travels in on the bus or in a taxi lines of communication are kept open.  If you prefer we will give your child a home school contact book. 

You will be invited to attend parents evening to speak to your child’s subject teachers as well as staff in Cleveland House.